October 13th, Sunday, 5 PM

Renaissance theatre, 862 high St.Kew east Vic 3102

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‘Rasa’ in samskrita (a language of India, also known as Sanskrit) means the elixir or the essence of life. ‘Anubhava’ refers to the experience. Rasānubhava, thus, translates to the experience of this elixir or the essence.

Rasānubhavais a beautifully curated dance production that showcases bharatanāṭya- the traditional and spiritual dance form of Indiain its finest form. The performance is replete with resplendent hues, intricate rhythm, mellifluous music and subtle emotions. It has all necessary ingredients to transport the audience to a sublime aesthetic experience. This production features a performance by Dr.Padmaja Suresh, well-known dance exponent, researcher and choreographer from India who would present her works on the esoterics of Natya. Chandana Brijesh, her disciple based at Melbourne, would present some of her latest choreography. This production also includes segments that demonstrate rhythmic patterns, movements and expressions.

“Rasaanubhava” is an attempt at projecting Bharathanatya in its true form and as an art beyond entertainment.

The artistes:

Dr. Padmaja Suresh is an internationally acclaimed scholar, choreographer and dance exponent who has travelled far and wide and has been featured at prestigious dance festivals. She holds a doctorate for her work, ‘Tantra the science and Natya, the art.’ She has presented numerous talks, lecture demonstrations and performances at reputed universities in the US, Europe and Asia. She has been conferred with awards and honours for her contribution to the field of arts. She is an avid writer and pens articles for various publications. Her books on Natya have received rave reviews and stand as a reference to students pursuing research. Dr.Padmaja Suresh would be featured in this production and she would enthral audiences with her latest work.

Chandana Brijesh is a disciple of Dr. Padmaja Suresh and is a resident of Melbourne. Chandana has travelled widely and has performed at well-known dance festivals. She has been a part of festivals supported by the multicultural commission of Australia. Chandana has been instrumental in bringing diverse communities together through the language of art and has conducted programmes at primary and secondary schools at Melbourne introducing students to the Indian art form.Her institute, Sindhubhairavi, has been working with children, youth and women in an endeavour to empower them using art as the tool. Chandana would be featured in this production alongside her guru, Dr.Padmaja.

The art form:

Bharatanāṭya is a spiritual dance form that evolved in ancient India and is as much relevant now as it was then. Bharatanāṭya aligns itself with two other systems of wellness – Yoga and Ayurveda – in establishing and harnessing physical and psychological wellbeing.

Like Yoga and Ayurveda, Bharatanāṭya is a science and involves graceful movements of hands and legs complemented by facial expressions that are proven to be therapeutic. This art form energises the body-mind-spirit and facilitates cleansing of the five elements of which we are an accumulation. Through a systematic approach, Bharatanāṭyacould address and alleviate a range of physical and psychological issues and open pathways to wellness.


Brijesh- 0405470280, Swapna- 0414670399, Srividhya- 0470261910
Email : sindhubhairaviciac@gmail.com
Tickets- https://www.trybooking.com/BEKSX

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